About Us

We're an Australian-based small business - and lover of all things Japanese 🗻🎎 🎏

We believe that the spaces we live in are more than walls and floors and a collection of 'things'. The spaces we live in should inspire us. They should calm us. They should motivate us. 

We should all love our spaces with artwork that speaks to us and reflects our unique personalities. 

1000 Ways Forward started because I struggled to find unique and high quality art works to help me love my space. And then I discovered hanging scrolls - and got hooked! So now we are on a mission to help you LOVE YOUR SPACE!

And it seems we've got other people hooked too! We've made and sent out over 4,000 scrolls in the past 12 months - you can check out some of our customer reviews here. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised by how high quality our artworks are - even at such an affordable price. 

We deliver worldwide and ship directly from our workshop in China - this allows us to keep our prices so affordable. All of our deliveries are tracked - you will receive a tracking number after your order and will receive email updates along the way. Our team will also be keeping a close eye on your order as it travels the world - and we will get in touch with a solution if we see any potential issues. 99.99% of our orders are delivered quickly and safely. 

We're always here to answer any questions you might have. You can get in touch anytime at hello@1000waysforward.com.