Our Mission

1000 Ways Forward is a Positive Art Brand aimed at trying to enhance your space with uplifting, inspiring artworks. Whether that be your home, bedroom, bathroom, start-up or office space, we are sure that you can boost the vibe and create your space into something you love walking into every day.

We believe that every single bit of positive energy helps, and if you are provided with energy-boosting, comforting environments, then you can go on to have an even better output on this world. Everything in life has a ripple effect, and we hope to boost yours. 

1000 Ways Forward sources artworks from all around the world directly from the artists. We make sure that our artists are paid well and take pride in supporting their livelihoods.

As the artworks come directly from the artists, please understand that some items may be shipped separately from each other. We always thought it was more exciting to receive multiple items in the mail anyway!

We are always looking for new artists to work with, so if you feel you could fit in well here feel free to send us your works via the contact page. If we love it, we'll make a collection out of it!

Our Forest

We are proud to say that from late January 2021, we started planting trees for every order purchased, with the help of Tree Nation. 

Tree-Nation's mission is to fight Climate Change and Deforestation. They facilitate tree planting projects all around the world, with their main focus being on the tropic region. Trees there grow much faster so they capture CO2 faster. 

This is also where heavy deforestation is happening and also where 85% of our terrestrial biodiversity is threatened, with many species on the brink of extinction.

They have made the experience of planting a tree more accessible and enjoyable so more and more people can join the cause to reforest the world. 

After your order and virtual planting, you will be given all the information regarding your real tree: the species, details, its location and a link to the tree certificate!

You can check out all our trees that, with the help of you, our amazing customers, we have planted at: 


Every single positive step you take matters, let's keep moving things forward in 2021 to a better and brighter future! 


1000 Ways Forward